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Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend in Review

It's Monday...again. The weekends seem to go by faster and faster, I just hope that they don't eventually disappear! Although super fast my weekend was filled with good times and relaxation. I started the weekend off with a very eventful ending to the workday. Right around the time that everyone was getting ready to leave the office on Friday, a drug dealer decided to do a little deal in our parking lot! My desk is up front by the windows, which look out into the parking lot and I kept seeing this strange guy in a brand new Mercedes convertible drive through and meet people, so we decided to call the cops and before we could all get out of the office to begin our much awaited weekends, the cops arrived. It took the cops about 45 minutes to arrest him and do a search of his car, so we all watched through the windows...45 minutes of our weekends spent at work, at least it was entertaining! The first thing I did Saturday morning was look on the Charlotte Observer here for his mugshot, and it was there (#66, from 7/15/11 arrest) arrested for heroin and meth!!
The "real" weekend began around 6pm when I got home from work and got to watch the Real Housewives of NYC that I had dvr'd. (Love it) For dinner Matt and I went to my favorite place Soul here. If you have never been, you HAVE to go..it is awesome and I mean everything is awesome! After dinner we went home and got to bed early as we thought we had a full-planned Saturday ahead of us. Saturday was supposed to consist of Matt's dad Jay going SKYDIVING! I was both excited and very nervous for this, it is something that he has wanted to do and that was his Father's Day gift. I on the other hand, hate to fly (on a regular airplane) much less jump out of one!! The weather was too cloudy so the skydiving was called off, and will be rescheduled...soon! So the revised Saturday included cleaning, and taking unwanted clothes to Buffalo Exchange here, where they will buy gently used items to resell. With the $ I got there I went to Forever21 and bought a cute leopard print shirt, and saved the rest of the moolah! The rest of the day was filled with a wonderful nap, and a walk in Freedom Park. Sallie, my friend Jordan's precious pup came and spent the day/night with us while she was out of town, so Riley also had a fun filled weekend! Saturday night we went to the Comet here and had there $5 burgers (On Saturdays) and listened to live Jazz band. The Comet is a new favorite of mine, with good music, food,and cheap beer, it really can't be beat in my opinion. After leaving the Comet we walked next door to Ed's here to meet up with some friends for a beer...good times! Sunday was more of a get-thing-done-day for us...we did sleep in a little late and went to get lunch at Fran's Filling Station, which is usually Delicious food but Sunday was different, bad service, unorganized and waiting 45 minutes for a sandwich, I won't be back anytime soon. After lunch we went home, gave Riley a bath, cleaned, wash clothes, watched the sad ending to the World Cup, went grocery shopping, grilled out, and took the pups for a walk. All in all a good weekend! And the best, most wonderful, exciting news came around 5pm when I got a call from Brittany, calling from Jackson Hole to let us know that her and Jon are engaged!! I could not be more excited and happy for them!

PS- I am still trying to figure out how to upload my pictures on here, so they are coming!

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