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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gotta Love Hump Day

Happy Hump Day! Am I the only one who thinks this week is slowly creeping by? Hump day is finally here though and there is much to celebrate! Tonight is the first celebration for my friend Brittany's engagement, I am so excited to see her (and the ring), hear the story and all about their wonderful trip out west! You can find us at Nolen Kitchen here, they have great food and delic wine...can't wait! In about an hour I will head out on my lunch break (the highlight of the workday) and go to the dreaded WalMart. Usually on my lunch break I go home and make something to eat and catch up on my dvr'd shows, but today I am forcing myself to go to WalMart. As much as I hate going there, I hate even more to buy items elsewhere only to find out that WalMart has it for half the price! So although my beloved lunch break is ruined by WalMart and there will be no yummy fresh made lunch or puppylove from Riley, I will be saving dollar bills! I will just have to settle for the packed pb&j I brought to work. 
Matt and I NEED a new kitchen table, the one we have now is a "two-seater" and not suitable for the fab dinner parties I want to have! We do have a pretty small area for a table but we can def. fit one that seats at least four. He on the other hand has a different understanding of things that we NEED, so I may be only daydreaming.... as I search online for shabby chic tables like these...

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